For customers who, for example, use their own tracking domain or third-party cookies due to ITP 2.x, the API calls differ as follows.

Please note that in this case a separate activation is required. Please contact your Webtrekk consultant for this purpose.

In this chapter, you will learn how to execute API calls to get all the segments a specified user belongs to while using your own tracking domain.

URI Syntax



https://{{OWN_TRACKING_DOMAIN}}/segments/v1/1234567891234/23232323?customerId=04ee2ab263eeb5f0ca1139d7110f 93c8

View in Apiary .

Query Parameters




Mandatory. The trackId of the Marketing Automation account.

  1. Log in Webtrekk Q3.

  2. Go to Configuration > System Configuration > Data Collection.

  3. Here, you will find your account ID as "Your Track ID."


Mandatory. Placement ID (in the chapter Calling the API Information it is described how to find the desired placement ID).


Mandatory. This ID is used to identify the user for whom you want to retrieve information. Alternatively, you can use the ever ID.

The customer ID must contain the same value that you use for the customer ID in your tracking.