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Webtrekk is a customer intelligence platform that allows you to connect, analyze and activate your user and marketing data across all devices.

We help clients increase profit through data-driven marketing. Our integrated solutions – called the Webtrekk Suite – enable precise targeting and personalized campaigns. This ensures a better experience for your customers and better returns on your marketing.
Webtrekk makes your data actionable:

  • It all starts with in-depth analytics – collect and store data about everything that happens on your website and apps.
  • Leverage this data to generate user profiles and segments based on customer lifetime value, conversion probability, engagement and more.
  • Turn your data into personalized, automated marketing campaigns.

Our Webtrekk Suite contains fully integrated solutions developed for CMOs and digital marketers: user-centric analytics with advanced dashboarding, Marketing Automation including programmatic advertising, testing, customer journey, Tag Integration and more.