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Teasers are image/ text elements that serve to attract attention and redirect your website visitors to a specific page or offer that you have defined. If you want to optimize teasers, you need more detailed information about the use of teasers. Not only which teaser elements were clicked on, but also which clicks led to orders, contact requests, etc. at the end.

With the teaser tracking plugin, you have the possibility of extensive analyses of your onsite teasers.

By integrating the plugin, teaser views and clicks are automatically captured on your website. If you specify additional parameters, you can also describe them in detail and evaluate them in combination with your web analytics data.

To evaluate the impact of a single teaser, in addition to views and clicks, engagement and conversion are calculated. The engagement measurement for a specific teaser is initiated as soon as it is clicked. For each page call that follows a teaser click, its engagement value is increased by 1. This happens until a website goal is reached or the user ends his visit to the website.

The display of all values recorded with the plugin is teaser accurate - either with aggregated daily values or in Webtrekk Live Analytics for the periods that can be set there. If you need other information, you can still enter it as your action parameters.

In the JavaScript file of the teaser tracking or Tag Integration, you can configure how many percents must be visible, and after how many milliseconds the request should be submitted.

This documentation describes the configuration and technical integration for using the teaser tracking plugin.