The total line in Webtrekk Analytics now features improved calculation logic. Instead of adding up all lines of an analysis, the sum is "unique" depending on the metric, i.e. multiple counts, e.g. of visits and visitors, are combined.

Pivot lists now also have a total line in which this new calculation logic is applied.

The roll-out of this functionality will take place step by step across all Webtrekk accounts and will be completed within the next few days.


In an analysis with the dimension "days" and the metric "visitors", a visitor who visited the website on three different days was previously shown with the value "3" in the sum of the analysis. With this new calculation logic, the multiple counts have been combined so that this visitor is shown with the value "1".

The total line is now called "Total" (previously "Sum").

Note that if the analysis is sorted by dimensions, for example, for dimensions that are an ID (visit ID, order ID), the conventional calculation is currently used instead of the new calculation.

Release date: August 01, 2018